Todd Graves has stated that he will remove the false claim about having something to do with starting Natural Golf and being part of the original instructons.

Mr. Graves,

I will post this email to the web site.  Just making the changes does not change the false information that you have promoted for years.

Golfers need to know that you changed from the person I knew to a spin master.


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The information that you disagree with has been modified and corrected. I would appreciate you taking my name off of your website. 


Todd Graves


Correcting False Statements


I received an e-mail from a member of the Science Magazine about the Todd Graves Biography on his web site.  My association with Todd Graves when I owned Natural Golf was very satisfactory.  Mr. Graves was a fine young man and participated with enthusiasm in every project in which he was involved.  I have no personal axe to grind with Mr. Graves.  However, he has statements on his web site under his biography that are false and misleading.


There was only one person who started Natural Golf and the Single-Axis method.  That is Jack Kuykendall.  Any claim by any other individual or web site stating that they were involved with starting Natural Golf or Single-Axis is False.


Below is the biography on Todd Graves web site about his association with Natural golf.  Jack Kuykendall’s comments will be in red.


Todd Graves Biography:

History of Todd and Natural Golf. Todd Graves is one of the original individuals who "started" Natural Golf (as of today he does not work for Natural Golf).


Jack Kuykendall:  This is a false statement.  Todd Graves had nothing to do with starting Natural Golf.


 Todd Graves was involved with a large portion of the instructional material that has come out of Natural Golf until about a year ago.


Jack Kuykendall:  Todd Graves was not involved with any golf instructions until December 1995 when investors legally stole Natural Golf.


 Todd Graves wrote the 'Driving for Distance' tape for Natural Golf and helped write the 'Faults & Fixes' video,


Jack Kuykendall:  If you see these videos, you will see how NOT to achieve distance or cure any fault.  They are traditional nonsense and have nothing to do with Single-Axis or Moe Norman type mechanics.


was one of the few consultants for Natural Golf and authors of the original instructional manuals for Natural Golf,


Jack Kuykendall:  Todd Graves had NO input into the content of the Original Instructional Manuals or videos.  He had input only after December 1995.


and basically was the one responsible for interpreting what Moe Norman did in his swing for Natural Golf.


Jack Kuykendall:  Todd Graves had NO input into interpreting Moe Norman’s mechanics until after the December 1995 take over.  His interpretations are also incorrect.


 Todd Graves appeared on Golf Channel Academy Live representing Natural Golf,


Jack Kuykendall:  This is true.


 and appeared in Golf Digest for Natural Golf,


Jack Kuykendall:  Only as a model.  And he screwed that up.  He put his left hand on top of the club.  I was extremely upset when I saw the photos.  You can go back and see that the author of the article was Jack Kuykendall.  Todd had no input into the article.  I would have been the model but I was in Canada with the Golf Digest photographers assisting them with the photos of Moe that were used in the magazine.


in addition Todd Graves was the 'model' in the original 'Lifetime of Better Golf' package for Natural Golf and much more.


Jack Kuykendall: Since the Lifetime of Better Golf lasted for less than three years, it shows that it was incorrect information as I have documented on the science web site.  You had to fail if you followed the advice in the “Lifetime of Better Golf.”  It was a disgrace to my discoveries and teaching.  To make a failed system part of a biography makes no sense to me.  If you followed the advice in package, you had to fail.  If you had any success, it would have been in-spite-of and not because-of the instructions.


 He was inducted into the Natural Golf Hall of Fame as one of the original five members


Jack Kuykendall:  This is something to be proud of?  Natural Golf’s arrogance of creating a hall-of-fame is a disgrace and makes a mockery of the PGA Golf hall-of-fame organization for accomplishment. 


 of Natural Golf and finally bought stock in Natural Golf. Needless to say, Todd has put alot of his heart and soul into Natural Golf. Todd has taken his experences from Natural Golf and has branched off, forming the Graves Golf Academy.


Jack Kuykendall:  I have no idea what Todd Graves currently teaches. I also have no interest in what Todd Graves currently teaches.  This is not a posting about his personality or likeability.  It is a posting about his false claims to be involved in the start and original instructions of Natural Golf.